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We have a Eastern Roman Imperial Nummus minted under the reign of the Emperor Valens ans was minted between 364 - 378 AD.

Emperor Valens, whose full name was Flavius Julius Valens, was a Roman emperor who reigned from AD 364 to AD 378. He was born in 328 and was the younger brother of Emperor Valentinian I. Valens ruled over the Eastern Roman Empire while his brother governed the Western Roman Empire.

Valens' reign was marked by significant challenges, particularly the Gothic War (376-382), which had a profound impact on the Roman Empire. The Goths, a Germanic tribe, sought refuge within Roman territory due to the Huns' invasion of their lands. Valens allowed them to settle as foederati (allies) in the empire, but this decision proved to be a critical mistake.

In 378, the Gothic tribes revolted against the harsh treatment and oppression they faced from Roman officials. In the Battle of Adrianople (modern-day Edirne, Turkey), Valens led a Roman army against the Goths. Despite being warned about the unpreparedness of his troops, he ignored the advice and engaged the enemy. The Roman forces suffered a devastating defeat, and Valens himself was killed during the battle.

Valens' death marked a significant loss for the Eastern Roman Empire, and the aftermath of the Battle of Adrianople had a profound impact on the Roman Empire's decline. The Goths continued their attacks on Roman territories, weakening the empire's defenses and contributing to the eventual fall of the Western Roman Empire in AD 476.

This coin is certified and authenticated by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) and is an authentic piece of Roman history. 



Eastern Roman Empire Valens, AD 364-378 AE3 (Nummus) Decline & Fall of Rome

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